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Hire Learning is a technology-enabled recruiting service that delivers qualified, engaged candidates at a fraction of the cost of a typical contingent recruiter

Our approach is what differentiates


Our Value to Clients

Identify Candidates Using Analytics, Not Brute Force

  • Manual sourcing is expensive in both time and resources, and requires smart people to do mind-numbing tasks.

  • We use advanced analytics to identify relevant candidates. Our quantitative algorithms learn from your candidate ratings to improve our assessments.

The Result? 

Our costs are lower, which lower your costs

Market What Matters to the Candidates Who Matter

  • Candidates are more likely to engage with a brand they recognize.

  • We run hyper-targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns to warm candidates to your brand prior to outreach, increasing the likelihood of engagement for when they are contacted.

The Result? 

More qualified candidates interested in your firm

You know who your ideal candidates are. But do they know who you are?
What We're
Blog post about why HR is addicted to contingent recruiting

Why HR is addicted to

Contingent Recruiting

Our view is that the best partners will “recruit like a marketing agency,” using a multi-channel approach that highlights a hiring company’s culture, history, and differentiators

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