Alumni Associations

Re-engage alumni that are “off the map”

Target content to alumni based on professional interest.

How do you identify & engage with alumni who have

fallen "off the map" or are out of touch?

Here's what we've heard:​
Most alumni associations know graduation year and major for their alumni.
However, this information is insufficient for engaging all alumni based in a digital community with content specifically relevant for their professional interest.

"When alumni get a new job, they don't think to call their spouse, their mom, then their alma mater."

Without up-to-date contact and professional information, universities struggle to keep alumni engaged. Alumni with lower levels of engagement are 2-3X less likely to participate in annual giving than those with higher levels of engagement.
  • Enriched Alumni Information: Leverage current personal, professional, & contact information (complete and current work history, social profiles, emails) re-engage alumni with minimal current connection to the school

  • Segmentation by Professional Focus: Group all alumni based on current industry or functional focus to build professional networks among alumni and deliver targeted marketing content.

  • Customized Messaging: Engage alumni with highly relevant content (based on career interest) to encourage advancement.

  • Hyper-targeted Marketing: Highlight faculty research and industry-specific events to alumni across social media channels.

Move Alumni Along the Spectrum from
"Off-the-Map" to Passionate Engagement


Out of Touch

In Contact



Alumni Re-engagement Driven

by Professional Affiliation

Hire Learning Can Help Bring Alumni from “Off-The-Map” to Passionate Engagement


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