Hyper-targeted Marketing

Multi-channel campaigns to all qualified professionals...and only qualified professionals

"I'm getting responses from only 10% of those that I reach out to. Most people respond to tell me, 'get out of my inbox'"

Some of this is inevitable, but there are two primary drivers of poor response rates and conversions:

1) Messages are often sent to the wrong audience

2) Professionals have no prior exposure to the company's brand or ideas

  • Clearly Defined Target Market: Target your messaging at predefined qualified professionals, and only those professionals. Stop wasting marketing spend on unqualified or irrelevant targets.

  • Multi-Channel marketing campaigns across social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Nurture your targets with messaging so they're more receptive to your emails and calls. 

  • Value Messaging: We work with you to produce messaging frameworks that address perceived pain points, then using data to test the relative resonance of each message.

Stop Identifying Leads.

Start Identifying Prospects

The challenge is that for most former participants or former customers, the company just wonders “where are they now?”


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