Identify + Enrich

Prospect identification: find and understand your target customer or candidate using analytics, not brute force

"I spend hours searching through thousands of profiles

online to find the few dozen who are qualified."


  • Define Search Requirements: We collaborate with you to define your prospect or candidate requirements.

  • Identify Candidate Universe: Our proprietary data engine identifies the potential professional universe. 

  • Learning Algorithms: Hire Learning's models "learn from you" to prioritize the most relevant leads. Just as Pandora takes your feedback to tee up increasingly relevant songs, Hire Learning learns from your  judgments to generating increasingly relevant prospects or candidates.

How do you enhance your data to gain valuable insights and engage professionals in the most effective way?


  • Personal Information: Location, education, social profile information

  • Professional Information: Full work history, including job title, company, and skills

  • Contact Information: Current work and personal email address

Stop Identifying Leads.

Start Identifying Prospects

The challenge is that for most former participants or former customers, the company just wonders “where are they now?”


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