Build brand awareness among all qualified candidates

Hire Learning works with your team to identify, engage and hire top candidates.




Qualified, Engaged Candidates

Why Companies choose Hire Learning?


Hire Learning's team includes proven leaders in technology marketing, talent acquisition, and data science


Quantitative algorithms allow us to identify candidates quickly, automating much of the routine work of recruiting


Our marketing creatives warm candidates to your brand to help them arrive to the first interview informed & excited


Hire Learning delivers qualified, engaged candidates for a fraction of the cost of a typical contingent recruiter

The Hire Learning Process

We work to synthesize your company history and differentiators into a cohesive employee value proposition. 

We work with you to define candidates requirements of: DNA (who you are), Experience (what you've done), and Motivation (goals)

We use data science & learning algorithms to identify the universe of relevant candidates for the position.

We create landing pages, advertisements, and email campaigns that tell your brand story.

We warm candidates to your brand through various social channels, increasing likelihood of engagement in later outreach.

We screen all candidates to assess the experience fit for the role before making an introduction.

Thought Leadership

Why HR is addicted to
Contingent Recruiting

Our view is that the best partners will “recruit like a marketing agency,” using a multi-channel approach that highlights a hiring company’s culture, history, and differentiators

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