Hire Learning Privacy Policy


Hire Learning, LLC is a web-based software solution that allows recruiting professionals to recruit faster, smarter and better by using predictive algorithms and data-backed insights. We gather information about our Users, those that interact with our Website, products and Services, and about job candidate profiles, to provide a better, more focused experience for you.


We at Hire Learning know you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy seriously. Our Privacy Policy will help you understand what information we collect and receive at Hire Learning, how Hire Learning uses it, and what choices you have.


For this Privacy Policy, the words our, us, we, and Hire Learning refer to Hire Learning, LLC, and our affiliates, if any, (which includes any person or entity that controls us, is controlled by us, or is under common control with us, such as our subsidiary (if applicable), parent company (if applicable), or our employees). This Privacy Policy does not cover the practices of companies we don’t own or control, or people that we don’t manage. This Privacy Policy is not intended to place any limits on what we do with data that is anonymized or de-identified so it is no longer associated with an identifiable individual.


This Privacy Policy is separated into six sections:

  • Section I: Hire Learning Website. This section describes the type of data collected from our publicly-accessible Website.

  • Section II: Marketing Activities. This section describes that from time to time, Hire Learning will reach out to you in a variety of ways to tell you about products, Services and other information we believe is relevant to you.

  • Section III: Hire Learning Services for Customers. This section describes the type of data collected from our software-as-a-service applications and other products and Services (collectively the Services) that we provide to customers who have purchased Services (Customer), including each person who is an authorized user under that Customers account (User). Every User must have a unique account and password to use the Services.

  • Section IV: Job Candidates. This section outlines how we collect data about potential job candidates. Please note that we may collect information about you even if you do not have a User account and never visit our Website.

  • Section V: Cookies. This section describes how we use cookies, beacons and other online tracking technologies in greater detail.

  • Section VI: General. This section outlines general concepts that apply to the types of data we collect from all types of persons. It also explains how we communicate changes to this, and how you may contact us regarding any questions or issues with respect to anything contained within this Privacy Policy.


By using or accessing the Website or Hire Learning’s Services in any manner, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy, and you hereby consent that we will collect, use, and share your information in the following ways.


Section I: Hire Learning Website


Below is a description of what data we gather from you as a visitor to our various publicly accessible websites, which include hirelearning.io, app.hirelearning.io and other websites where this Privacy Policy is posted. For ease, we will call all these publicly accessible websites collectively the Website for short. The Hire Learning Website does not include our account portal, or other access to our Services that you get when you sign up for an account with Hire Learning. Information about data collected through the account portal (and other data collected as a consequence of having an account) is located in Section III below.


In this section, You may refer to an individual, company or other entity visiting the Hire Learning Website.


  1. What data we collect and how we collect it

    1. Information You Provide to Us

      When you request a demo or request to be contacted. We receive and store any information you knowingly provide to us. For example, to request a demo of the Services you must provide your: first name, last name, company name, phone number, email address and company size.

      When you Comment on our Blog.  If you want to comment on our blog posts at hirelearning.io you first must register by providing your: first and last name and email address. You also may provide an optional website URL.

      When You Use the Services. Please refer to Section III on Services and Your Customer Account Information.


  1. Information We Collect Automatically
    When you visit the Hire Learning Website, we and our service providers acting on our behalf automatically collect certain data using tracking technologies like cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. This information includes: the time of your visit, pages visited, referring site, search engine and keywords used to reach our Website, information about your device and browser, your location by city and country, your IP address, your username and real name, and your email address.

    Please see Section V for more information about cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies.

  1. How we use this data

    1. We may use this data to communicate with you if you’ve provided us the means to do so. For example, if you’ve given us your email address, we may send you promotional emails about Hire Learning, or email you about your use of the Website. Also, we track when you open and click an email from us. This confirmation helps us make our communications with you more interesting and improve our Services. If you do not want to receive communications from us, please indicate your preference by opting out via the links provided in the emails.

      When you comment on our blog posts we use your first and last name to identify you as the commenter alongside your blog comment. We use your email and website information to email you with marketing offers and resources, newsletters and other company updates. If you opt in, we also use your email to send you follow up comments for that blog post. We may take down blog comments which we deem inappropriate.

      We use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to help us better understand visitor and user behavior.

  2. How we share this data

    1. Unless you explicitly give us instructions not to share or collect data, we will share data we collect from you with third parties as described in Section VI (How we share your data in general). We might share data collected from you from the Hire Learning Website with a third party if that data has been anonymized, pseudonymised or aggregated in a way that does not directly identify you.

    2. We also may share data collected from you with a third party we have partnered with for the purpose of inviting you to our company programs (for example webinars, field events, or other offers).


Section II: Marketing Activities


We market our company, products and Services in a variety of methods. Below is a description of what data we gather from you, and how we use data given to us, as part of these marketing activities.

In this section, You may refer to a variety of people, including:

  • Individuals or entities who have no relationship with Hire Learning, who may be interested in becoming Hire Learning Customers. Hire Learning has acquired data about them through a third party. (Leads)

  • Individuals or entities who already have contacted Hire Learning or otherwise inquired about Hire Learnings products or Services who may be interested in becoming Hire Learning Customers. (Prospects)

  • Individuals or entities who use currently use Hire Learnings products and Services (Customers)


If there are special terms and considerations, we will address the individual group by the capitalized term (Lead, Prospect or Customer). Where terms apply to all groups, we will address the group as you.


 What data we collect and how we collect it

  1. You may give us data directly.
    If you elect to interact with Hire Learning, we will collect the information you provide to us in doing so.

    Prospects and Customers may provide Hire Learning directly with data through a variety of methods, for example: during a marketing event that Hire Learning hosts, through email, or as part of an online webinar. We collect and store the information you provide. Occasionally, we may send you future communications, and as part of these future communications we may collect more data that you directly provide.

    We may acquire information about you through a third party. Hire Learning may engage third parties, who provide us with contact information for Leads.

  2. What we do with this data
    Generally, we use all the data described in section that you provide to us or that we collect, to provide you marketing and promotional information about our products and Services. Communications will contain instructions on how you can opt-out of receiving future communications. You also may contact Hire Learning directly about its marketing activities at info@hirelearning.io

  3. How we share this data
    Third-Party Advertising Partners and Other Service Providers. We use third-party advertising networks to serve advertisements (for example, sidebar ads, banners or search ads) about our products to you on our behalf when you visit other websites within that advertising network. We may use third-party service providers to serve customized content to you on our Website. In order to enable the advertising described in this paragraph Hire Learning may provide your data to the third party service provider, but we only disclose the information that the service provider requires to perform its requested function.  We do not authorize the service provider to retain, share, store, or use personal information provided by us for any other purpose.

    See Section VI (How we share your data generally).


Section III: Hire Learning Service


This Section contains a description of data we collect or process through our Services (not our Website) and that relates to a Customer, a User or a potential job candidate.

Where terms in this Section III apply to all three groups (Customer, User and job candidate), we will address the group as You.


  1. What data we collect and how we collect it:

    Customers and Users provide data directly to the Services or Hire Learning.

    User account information. In order to use the Services, the Customer must provide an email address, account user name and account password for each User to the Services.

    Candidate attributes. Through app.hirelearning.io, Customer and its Users can provide details of the position which they want to fill. Their search criteria can be based on geography, skills, job titles, company name or industry of the prospective candidates. We therefore use and process only the search criteria that our Customers provide to us.

    Job openings and qualifications. In addition, a Customer and its Users can provide descriptions of the positions that are open and descriptions of the qualifications of the desired job candidate for each open position. Customers and Users also can provide comments on each of their job openings and job candidates.

    Information provided by telephone or email. Customer and Users also may provide data to Hire Learning by telephone or email, to request informational or technical support for the Services or to provide feedback on the Services. Hire Learning may ask the Customer or User for additional personally identifiable information, such as first and last name, account email and password.


  1. We collect information about Job Candidates.

    See Section IV on Job Candidates.

  2. Data Collected Automatically.

    When Customers and Users use the Services Hire Learning and its service providers acting on its behalf automatically collect certain data using tracking technologies like cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. See Section V below for more information.


  1. We may acquire anonymized, aggregated data that relates to You.


  1. Hire Learning has developed proprietary algorithms that monitor all transactions that occur within the Services. The purpose of these algorithms is to identify patterns of behavior, either unique to a User or to defined categories of people, which may enhance a User’s use of the Services. Any data created or identified within an algorithm does not identify the activity of an individual User or job candidate. For example, we continuously improve our algorithms for trying to recognize the semantic meaning behind various attributes in a search query.

  2. What we do with this data

    Hire Learning uses the support services information and feedback described in Section III in order to respond effectively to support requests, to fully understand feedback, to better understand how Customers and Users use the Services and to improve or expand the Services.

    Generally, we use all the data that you provide to us or that we collect from you to provide the Services to you, to enable you to access and use the Services, to deliver your communications to their intended destination, and to analyze your use of the Services, to improve, enhance and expand our products and Services, and to detect fraudulent or unlawful activity in connection with your Hire Learning account.

  3. How we share this data

    See Section VI (How we share your data generally).

    External Services. The Services allow you to send or receive communications to end user contacts through email communications. If you send communications through the Services, Hire Learning will deliver those communications to third party delivery networks in order for the end user contact to share and receive those communications. We call these third party delivery networks External Services. These External Services handle your communications once that information is handed off to the External Service network is determined by their own policies.

    Aggregated or de-identified data. We might also share data collected from you from the Services with a third party if that data has been de-identified or aggregated in a way that does not directly identify you.


Section IV: Job Candidates


  1. What data we collect and how we collect it

    If you work, then we may collect information about you from publicly-available websites or from third party vendors who have the license to provide such information to us. This information is limited to your contact information and information regarding your professional qualifications. We do not collect sensitive information, such as data related to your health or political orientation.

    More specifically, the information that we collect about you will include personally identifiable and other information such as name, address, education, qualifications, work history, work title, email address, and achievements. We also collect information related to your profession you have provided to your social media profiles such as GitHub, Facebook, and Twitter, but only if the profile was available to the public when it was first indexed by Internet search engines.

    In order to better understand job candidates and provide a better experience for our Customers, Hire Learning may create job candidate profiles within the Services for some job candidates. For example, the Services may curate some job candidate profiles for Customers by profiling the candidate within the Services as likely to move to a new job soon.

    You have the opportunity to claim information Hire Learning collects that relates to you and correct the information or remove the information from our Services, as described in Section VI of this Privacy Policy. However we cannot guarantee that we will not later collect other information that pertains to you from publicly available websites or third party vendors.

  2. What we do with this data

    We may use this information to create a candidate profile, or append it to an existing candidate profile. We provide some candidate profiles to Customers who subscribe to the Services, depending on the candidate profile requirements established by each Customer. We do this for the purpose of finding candidates for open job positions with our Customers.

  3. How we share your data

    We may share your data with our Customers and Users who are typically recruiters or recruiting managers or hiring managers.  In some case, we may share aggregated, anonymized or non-anonymized data with our Customers for purposes other than recruiting.


Section V: Cookies


When you visit the Hire Learning Website or use the Services, or both, we and our third party service providers acting on our behalf automatically collect certain data using tracking technologies like cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies.

A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a website’s computers and stored on your computer’s hard drive.

These technologies are used to help us better understand user behavior and facilitate and measure the effectiveness of our Hire Learning Website and Services. We treat information collected by cookies and other technologies as non-personal information.

We use cookies to record current session information. We also use third party cookies (for example Google Analytics) to provide anonymized and aggregated information on Website usage statistics and patterns.

All modern Internet browsers allow you to control your cookie settings. These settings are usually accessed in the Options or Preferences section of your browser. On your mobile device, go to Settings, then go to the specific web-browser, and then to the Cookies section. Please note that certain features of the Website will not be available once cookies are disabled.

Hire Learning uses web beacons with cookies or separately to compile information about your engagement with us. Web beacons are clear electronic images that can recognize certain types of information on your computer, such as cookies, when you view a particular website tied to the web beacon, and a description of a website tied to the web beacon.

Advertising Cookies. Hire Learning may have third party service providers track and analyze usage and volume statistical information from those who visit the Hire Learning Website and Services. Hire Learning sometimes uses cookies placed by its third party service providers to track the performance of our advertisements. For example, these cookies remember which browsers have visited the Hire Learning Websites or the Services. This data given to the third party service providers does not include information that identifies you specifically, but this data may be re-associated with information that identifies you specifically after Hire Learning receives it.


Section VI: General


  1. How we secure your data

    Hire Learning takes security very seriously.

    We use appropriate security measures to protect the security of your data both online and offline. These measures vary based on the sensitivity of the information that we collect, process and store and the current state of technology. For more information regarding our security measures please visit here. Please note, though, that no website or Internet transmission is completely secure, so while we strive to protect your data, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss or a data breach will never occur.

  2. How we share your data in general

    We describe some specific ways that we share some of your data in the Sections above. However, in general, unless you give us your permission, we won’t share your data with third parties, except as described here. 

    1.  Business transfers. We may choose to buy or sell assets from time to time. We may share Customer information in connection with the evaluation of such transactions. We may transfer Customer information if we enter into such transactions. Also, if we (or our assets) are acquired, or if we go out of business, enter bankruptcy, or go through some other change of control, personal information could be one of the assets transferred to or acquired by a third party.

    2. Third-party service providers or consultants. We may share data collected from you through the Services with third-party service providers or consultants who need access to the data to perform their work on Hire Learning’s behalf, such as our cloud hosting service provider. These third party service providers are limited to only accessing or using this data to provide services to us and must provide reasonable assurances that they will appropriately safeguard the data.

    3. To Protect Hire Learning and Others.  We reserve the right to access, read, preserve, and disclose any information that we reasonably believe is necessary to comply with law or court order; enforce or apply this Privacy Policy, our Subscription Agreement with a Customer, and other agreements; or protect the rights, property, or safety of Hire Learning, our employees, our Users, or others. If Hire Learning is required by law to disclose any of your data that directly identifies you, then we will use reasonable efforts to provide you with notice of that disclosure requirement, unless we are prohibited from doing so by statute, subpoena or court or administrative order. Further, we object to requests that we do not believe were issued properly.

  3. Offline Information

    As you might expect, we usually collect or receive information through our Website.  But we also may collect information offline, and it’s important to us that we preserve the privacy of your personal information both online and off. For example, if you call us with a support question, we may ask for your location. There are other ways we could learn of personal information offline, but this Privacy Policy doesn’t try to predict all those methods.  We just want you to know that we try to treat offline information collection, uses, and disclosures consistently with our online privacy practices.

  4. International Operations and Transfers Out of the EEA and Privacy Shield

    Hire Learnings data centers are located in the United States. If you live outside the United States, then by using our Services, interacting with our Website, or otherwise providing your personal data to us, your personal data will be transferred to and processed in the United States.

  5. Information from Children

    We do not knowingly collect any personal information directly from children under the age of 16. If we discover we have received any personal information from a child under the age of 16 in violation of this Policy, we will take reasonable steps to delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe we have any information from or about anyone under the age of 16, please contact us at info@hirelearning.io.

  6. How to make choices about your data.

    You have the opportunity to choose whether your personal information will be disclosed by Hire Learning to third parties in the manner described in this Policy. Hire Learning will not use your personal information for any purpose that is materially different than the purposes for which it was originally collected as described in this Policy or the purposes which you otherwise authorized. Here are ways in which you can exercise choice about Hire Learning’s use of your personal information.

    Website. How you make choices about cookies and other tracking technologies depends on the type of cookie or tracking technology being used. For details on how to manage your preferences for cookies and tracking technologies within your web browser, please re-read Section V of this Privacy Policy.

    Marketing Activities. If you are receiving promotional emails from us, you can choose to stop receiving them by following the unsubscribe/opt-out instructions in those emails. You can also opt-out by contacting info@hirelearning.io.

    Our Services. To request access to, deletion of, or changes to data we’ve collected from you via the Services, email us at info@hirelearning.io. Please note that even if you request that we delete data we’ve collected from you, we may still retain data collected from you in an aggregated or anonymized form that does not identify you. We also will not delete your data if we are legally required to maintain it.

    Job Candidates. To request access to, deletion of, or changes to data we’ve collected about you as a job candidate that may be provided to our Customers, email us at info@hirelearning.io. However we cannot guarantee that we will not later collect other information that pertains to you as a job candidate from publicly available websites or third party vendors. Please note that even if you request that we delete data we’ve collected about you, we may still retain data collected from you in an aggregated or anonymized form that does not identify you. We also will not delete your data if we are legally required to maintain it.

  7. How to resolve disputes relating to our privacy practices

    If you have a dispute with us relating to our privacy practices, please email us at info@hirelearning.io. Most disputes can be resolved that way. If you are a Customer or a User and we can’t resolve our dispute that way, then please consult your subscription services agreement with Hire Learning.

    For residents of the United States, Hire Learning is subject to the investigatory and enforcement powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact us first at info@hirelearning.io. If contacting us does not resolve your complaint, you may file a complaint, free of charge, with the USCIB.

    A binding arbitration option will also be made available to you in order to address residual complaints not resolved by any other means.

  8. Data Retention and Deletion

    For Website visitors and job candidates, Hire Learning will retain your information as long as reasonably useful for commercial purposes. To request deletion of your data email us at info@hirelearning.io.

    For Hire Learning Customers, we will retain your account information for as long as your account is active or as reasonably useful for commercial purposes. If you want Hire Learning to delete portions of your data used to provide you Services, then please email us at info@hirelearning.io. We process Customer requests for data deletion within ten (10) business days of receipt of the request.

    If you are an Hire Learning Customer and no longer want Hire Learning to use your data to provide you Services, you may close your account.  If you close your account then you no longer will be able to use the Services.

    Hire Learning may have a legitimate business need to retain data indefinitely (for example, to comply with applicable legal, tax or accounting requirements). You may request that your data be removed from our service by contacting info@hirelearning.io.

    When we have no ongoing legitimate business need to process Customer, user or candidate data, we will either delete at request or anonymize it or, if this is not possible (for example, because the information has been stored in backup archives), then we will securely store the information and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is possible.

    You should not expect that all of your information will be completely removed from our databases in response to your request.  Some information may remain in our records after we delete your account. Hire Learning will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.

  9. Changes to this Policy

    We are constantly trying to improve our Website and the Services, so this Privacy Policy may need to change. If we change the Privacy Policy then we will notify you here in this Privacy Policy. If you continue to use the Website or Services, or both, after those changes are in effect then you agree to the revised Policy.

  10. How to contact us

    Any questions about this Privacy Policy or requests for access to or deletion or rectification of data should be addressed

    1. by email to: info@hirelearning.io (we prefer email) 

    2. by mail to: Hire Learning, 745 Atlantic Ave., 8th floor; Boston, MA 02111

745 Atlantic Avenue, 8th Floor. Boston, MA 02111

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