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Drive membership growth, engagement & professional development

Where are the 
"Has Been" Members?

When former members move on to new roles, those email addresses start to bounce.


Forward-thinking associations don't write that off as a loss, but find ways to re-engage those "lost" accounts.


Who are the
"Never Was" Members?

Critical to serving your membership is understanding how it is comprised.

Associations that can identify all potential members can better serve the community... and better engage every prospective member

How to Support Member Careers

Career growth is the single biggest reason members join professional associations.

If you don't have a talent platform to facilitate membership career growth, it is unlikely your association is fully addressing that need.

Where Are They Now?

Hire Learning helps your association identify where former association members are in their careers, enrich profile information of individuals still in relevant roles, and re-engage former members to bring them back to the nest.

Map the Potential Member Universe

Our data engine will help you identify the universe of likely members - current and future. You'll better understand the distribution of your likely membership, which will allow us together to promoted tailored content to those across the newly-identified member universe.

White-Labeled Talent Platform

Talent platform exclusively for your industry, allowing end-users to search the universe of relevant professionals.

Optional supported solutions to curate candidate lists for HR/talent leads and engage candidates through hyper-targeted marketing campaigns

Talent Platform Case Study: MAPS Hire

Stop Identifying Leads.

Start Identifying Prospects

The challenge is that for most former participants or former customers, the company just wonders “where are they now?”


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