Segment + Prioritize

Segment to enable customized messaging. Prioritize the best targets for direct outreach.

Stop slogging through the huge list of profile search results to identify those deserving of a personalized touch.

Automate your intuition

  • Segment your List of Professionals: Segment your list of targets based on personal or professional information (education, job title, company, work history, skills) through your guidance and our data and algorithms

  • Customized Messaging: Deliver customized content and messaging based to each unique segment

  • Ranking Professionals: Rate a subset of professionals so the learning algorithms can hone in on the ideal customer or candidate. Quickly identify the most relevant results and then reach out to qualified targets.

Stop Identifying Leads.

Start Identifying Prospects

The challenge is that for most former participants or former customers, the company just wonders “where are they now?”


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