Talent Acquisition

Automate candidate sourcing

and focus on engagement

Recruiting today requires very smart people to do

mind-numbingly routine tasks.


Quickly identify & engage the relevant universe of candidates for a specific role using data science and hyper-targeted marketing campaigns 

  • Automate Candidate Sourcing: Our data science engine at Hire Learning "learns from you" to identify relevant candidates for a role.

  • Marketing An Employer Brand: We leverage our client's brand and ideas to promote opportunities to candidates in the same way a leading marketing agency would promote products to prospective buyers.

  • Cost-effective Approach: Our data + marketing approach to recruiting allows us to tee up relevant, engaged candidates for a fraction of the cost of a 3rd-party recruiter.

Stop Identifying Leads.

Start Identifying Prospects

The challenge is that for most former participants or former customers, the company just wonders “where are they now?”


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