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Based on your answers, your team should consider the following:

Scale with project-based talent

There seems to be a gap (more than 10%) between your upside and downside growth scenarios. This volatility can make scaling with full-time hires risky. 

An emphasis on just-in-time project-based resources can help mitigate the risk of making full-time hires that your business may soon find hard to support. Although the hourly costs associated with project-based hires can be higher than those associated with full-time hires, benefits can include:

  • no severance/unemployment expense should you need to right-size your team.

  • faster time to hire, given many independent consultants/contractors can support the team at a moment’s notice.

  • optionality to “try before you buy.” Some independent consultants are open to full-time roles, and projects can be a good way to mutually test fit before making a commitment to a full-time hire.

Regarding your organization's top hiring challenge

You said:

Our posted jobs attract too many of the wrong candidates and not enough of the right candidates

Our advice:

Job postings can be great tools for generating interest in your role. Unfortunately, they can be poor tools for generating interest from the right people.

Jobs are now increasingly easy to apply to. Sometimes it just requires a resume or a one-click LinkedIn authorization. This low barrier to entry can mean that people don’t qualify themselves for roles, but instead rely on the hiring firm to do such.

Active promotion of both an organization and high priority roles can be a powerful approach to increasing the likelihood that those who raise their hands for a role are the best in the market, not just the best among those actively seeking an exit from their current role. By approaching your recruitment efforts like a marketing agency, you can develop a brand-aware candidate funnel. 


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