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Based on your answers, your team should consider the following:

Scale with project-based talent

There seems to be a gap (more than 10%) between your upside and downside growth scenarios. This volatility can make scaling with full-time hires risky. 

An emphasis on just-in-time project-based resources can help mitigate the risk of making full-time hires that your business may soon find hard to support. Although the hourly costs associated with project-based hires can be higher than those associated with full-time hires, benefits can include:

  • no severance/unemployment expense should you need to right-size your team.

  • faster time to hire, given many independent consultants/contractors can support the team at a moment’s notice.

  • optionality to “try before you buy.” Some independent consultants are open to full-time roles, and projects can be a good way to mutually test fit before making a commitment to a full-time hire.

Regarding your organization's top hiring challenge

You said:

Many candidates lack excitement about the prospect of joining our firm

Our advice:

With unemployment <4%, it’s important to tell your brand story on your terms. 

Some organizations do this well, and others may struggle with developing a compelling digital narrative through an intuitive website combined with positive press coverage and reviews.

At Hire Learning, we focus on recruiting like a marketing agency, i.e. applying best practices in sales and marketing to talent acquisition. This means differentiating your firm’s employee value proposition in a crowded & competitive talent marketplace.

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