Complimentary White Paper

Turning “Dead” Customers into

Your Most Lively Prospects

Why should you identify & re-engage with past customers?

Many of your past customers have since moved on to accept senior roles at new organizations. These former customers are already familiar with your brand and your product/service, and therefore just need to be reminded of the value that could be added to their new organizations.


At Hire Learning, we propose 4 steps to successfully breathe life back into "dead" customers:

  1. Identify former customers

  2. Enrich with current professional/contact information

  3. Prioritize those with buying authority

  4. Re-engage decisionmakers and influencers

Turning "Dead" Customers into Your Most Lively Prospects

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 2.45.47 PM.png



  • Full professional work history for 100 "lost" leads


  • Updated professional work history 

  • "Lost" leads sorted by relevance

  • Multi-channel re-engagement campaign

$949 + $0.75 PER "LOST" LEAD


Additional customizations:

  • Profile enrichment with email addresses and social profiles

  • Scalable email campaigns

  • Campaign creatives

  • Searchable platform

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